Siaira Shawn delivers compelling new visuals for "Wolf" –

Siaira Shawn's Tender EP from last year was a breakout release from the vocalist, as she delivered a captivating batch of "dystopian love songs" that conveyed soulful honesty and some undeniably banging instrumentals. Now the Los Angeles-based artist has returned with a new video for one of the EP's standout tracks, "Wolf."

The video elevates the narrative of the original song in a short film format directed by Alexis Casson and shot by Thomas Hubbel. As Shawn's words center around a discussion about the nature of a "friends with benefits" relationship, the video offers new context to the narrative with an apparent love triangle that seems headed for conflict before leading to a surprisingly warm conclusion. Not only does the video enhance the song's lyrical content, but its unpredictable yet loving nature offers a fitting visual representation of Shawn's musical style on the track, which features edgy drums and angular bass lines while her silky smooth vocals float over the top. After all that, the video closes with a total curveball, providing even more reason to watch until the very end. With the new addition to "Wolf," Siaira Shawn shows once again that she is a multi-talented artist to watch moving forward.

Shawn's Tender EP is available to stream or download here.

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