Sheff G enjoys the spotlight in “Lights On” [Video]

After what has been an especially big year for Sheff G, the Brooklyn not-just-a-drill rapper looks to run up the score with a new single and video titled, “Lights On.” Sheff and his right hand man, Great John, have ridden the Brooklyn drill wave and expanded on the sound since 2017 saw “No Suburban.” After releasing One and Only, Just 4 Y’all ,and a handful of singles, Sheff signed a blockbuster deal which saw his Winners Circle Entertainment partner with RCA Records

Great John sets a minimalist but disorienting series of ghostly synths that mostly stay in the background as Sheff finds the spotlight but only briefly in this blasé series of day-dream flexes. Lyrically, the song is a respite for reflecting on successes and growth in status. His finds forward leaning, understated energy in lines like, “Shooter gang in the building, 100 straps how you feelin’,” in this get-to-the-point, celebration track. 

The corresponding video, directed by Ryan Lynch, follows that victory lap feel with lots of chains, lots of diamonds, and even a couple of peaks at a pet goat. Sheff slings stacks of 100’s across aisles in his private jet and takes a breather in his Gucci track suit. Amidst the opulence, the video takes a second to honor Pop Smoke, with Sheff and company visiting a mural dedicated to the late Brooklyn man. 

“Lights On” is available to stream now. 

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