Shawn Frank & Krewella Fly High with Stunning New Song "Gold Wings"

Shawn Frank and Krewella have teamed up for a simply beautiful new single sure to pull at your heart strings and motivate you to fly high!

“Gold Wings” is a feel-good song all about standing by the people you believe in, dreaming big and staying fearless. And ultimately, flying high together. It’s inspirational through and through — and a kind reminder that music is meant to uplift.

Shawn Frank and Krewella compliment each other in a way that’s sort of surreal. The future pop base plays out well with Krewella’s softer side. The result sounds effortless, airy and downright amazing.

Krewella reveals to how the track came to be: “We wrote ‘Gold Wings’ with our dear friend Dan Henig in our living right before we had to dip for a flight. I remember referencing the way one of our old school songs ‘Rise & Fall’ made us feel; uplifted, emotional, dreamy, and inspired. We tapped into that mindset and went with this theme that we’ve been channeling a lot lately, about wanting to be strong for the people we love; reminding them to have faith and trust life’s flow, and even in their darkest moments, we’ll follow them.”

“Gold Wings” carries some serious meaning, so take a good look around you and surround yourself with the people who’d follow you, too. Listen here!

Shawn Frank & Krewella – “Gold Wings”

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