Shareef Keyes and Pool Cosby share new music video for “Plant Mom”

NY-based multi-talented artist and producer Shareef Keyes and production trio Pool Cosby have teamed up for a bouncy summer jam titled "Plant Mom" which comes with an engaging visual presentation. The collaboration is a no-brainer as Pool Cosby crank up the summer vibes with pulsating bass riffs, bright synths peppered by an undeniable drum groove, and Keyes' alluring melodic raps. Keyes seems to be having loads of fun on this tune that centers around blossoming love, relationship, and plant moms who help nurture them. 

The visuals stay on the bright side with their colorful aesthetic and plant-infused set pieces. It's a fun-filled affair made up of performance shots, quick-cut scenes, and a lot of plants. The direction strayed from the obvious and allowed for the visuals to remain open to interpretation by the viewers.

"Plant Mom" serves as a reunion for the boys since their 2020 Day Breaks, which boasts names like Soren Bryce and Denita. The members of the group are also working on solo projects notably Kevin Kuh will be releasing his debut EP and a full-length record. Jacuzzi Jefferson just released his sophomore LP moonlit, while Otto Botté will share his debut EP, Dancing Company Vol. 1, on July 23rd. On the other hand, Shareef Keyes has two projects under his belt, the retro-funk LP Cooking Something,  and the 2018 project, My Mood.

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