Shaq Surprises Chicago Rapper With $1 Million Rolls-Royce, Lends Guest Verse for New Song “Chaos”

“Shaq man, it’s the craziest day of my life. Shaq just gave me a fucking Rolls. Goddamn, man. God bless you Shaq,” Gawne says in a 15-second clip following their video soot. “It’s yours my boy. Now I gotta take an Uber,” Shaq replied.

GAWNE also spoke Shaq’s praises after the two linked on “Chaos,” calling his rare feature an “honor.” “He was so passionate and loves rap so much, in every single take he was rapping his heart out. It was such a magical experience,” GAWNE told the Chicago outlet Wednesday Journal.

He added, “Also, I want to shout from the mountain tops how good of a guy Shaquille O’Neal is, as well. As cool as making a song with him was, what I admire the most about him is his character and him as an individual.”

The song makes Shaq’s latest rap verse, as he also guested alongside Damian Lillard (aka Dame D.O.L.L.A) on Meek Mill and Rick Ross“SHAQ & KOBE (Remix).” On Complex’s GOAT Talk, Ross shared that he was once signed to O’Neal early in his career.

“He was launching his T.W.IsM. Records. We met in Atlanta somewhere. We met in a restaurant,” Ross said. “Then we went in the back, in the kitchen. I spit a few bars for him. He gave me his contact, [and] we stayed in touch for a little bit. But, you know how that go.”

The two ultimately reconvened, with Ross gifting O’Neal an MMG chain on Inside the NBA in October.