Sham Exposes Her Experiences On The Wonderfully Confident and Warm Album Discoveries

Sham, Shambhavi Raj, just released her wonderfully confident and warm collection of 5 tracks, Discoveries. Sham sells every piece of her work: from lyrics to soundtrack, to vocals. With her girly charm and acoustic vibe, we are totally down for anything she has for us.

Discoveries is a very vulnerable and passionate album that wrestles with young love, and all the happiness and disappointments it brings. Sham’s texts, even if sometimes a bit blurry, are captivating and let you dive deep in her cozy sonic reality. 

Sham hits highs from the beginning with the opening track ‘Follow Me,’ and continues to carry her indie-girly mood throughout the whole album. The pop-driven tracks ‘Stars’ & ‘Free’ are the strongest on Discoveries, putting the spotlight on Shambhavi’s talent alone.

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