Seth Glier delivers timeless message in “The Coronation” [Video]

Seth Glier is a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who is widely acclaimed for his masterful fusion of roots music and experimental eclectic sounds. His latest offering, “The Coronation,” is from his upcoming full-length album and paves the way for a bigger, brighter future after a dark period in history riddled with chaos, confusion, sickness, and pain.

“The Coronation” sends a powerful message on the importance of connection, collective healing, and strength found in numbers. Seth confides, “for most of my adult life, I’ve held the belief that humanity is right around the corner from something transformative. If we could only see that our separateness is an illusion, then a future of global cooperation and interdependence would be undeniable. As the Coronavirus locked down the world, I watched this long-held belief inside of me becoming a reality right before my eyes.”

Sonically, the song is brilliantly layered with warm vocals, cinematic acoustic guitar riffs and uplifting, immersive soundscapes that feel downright magical. Bright synths and “oohs and aahs” enliven your spirit, giving off a feeling of hope, optimism, and the need to break away from the repressive constraints of shallow living. The hook features instruments such as the Vietnamese Đàn bầu and Viola Da Gamba to further accentuate the message of togetherness and worldly union.

The accompanying visuals for “The Coronation” are just as heartfelt and inclusive as the song. Featuring carefully crafted handmade drawings sewn together to bring life and color to the story, Seth has the ability to touch people’s hearts and minds through messages infused with childlike innocence, imagination, and wonder.

As a respected artist and musician, Seth Glier has spent most of his career touring the world, performing alongside artists including James Taylor, Ani DeFranco, and Martin Sexton to name a few. The year 2020 prompted Seth to “write from a place of stillness,” which is beautifully reflected in his latest single.

Check out Seth Glier’s “Coronation” single and visuals here as we remember that the future of tomorrow starts with us, today.

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