Serpentwithfeet Announces New Album, Drops ‘Fellowship’ Video

Serpentwithfeet has announced his new album, Deacon, out March 26th via Secretly Canadian. As a preview of his second LP, he shared the Kordae Jatafa Henry-directed video for lead single “Fellowship” on Monday, depicting the artist and his partner on the beach in a celebration of black queer love.

“I’m so thankful for my friends, my friends/I’m thankful for the love I share with my friends,” Serpent sings on the chorus, backed by Sampha and Lil Silva, who also co-wrote and co-produced the track. Serpent wrote in a statement, “I dedicate ‘Fellowship’ to anyone who has had a good friend or been a good friend.”

Serpent recorded the album after moving to Los Angeles where, in a striking departure from his 2018 debut Soil, he vowed not to include any songs about heartbreak on the new record. “I wanted to create something that felt calm and restrained,” he explains. “This was my way of tapping into the energy many deacons possess.” The title of the album specifically calls to mind the Christian office, and Serpent says much of the inspiration for Deacon came from R&B’s roots in black churchs.

In addition to the “Fellowship” collaboration with Sampha and Lil Silva, Deacon will also feature a duet with Nao.

Serpentwithfeet, Deacon Tracklist
1. Hyacinth
2. Same Size Shoe
3. Malik
4. Amir
5. Dawn
6. Sailors’ Superstition
7. Heart Storm (Feat. NAO)
8. Wood Boy
9. Derrick’s Beard
10. Old & Fine
11. Fellowship