See Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Anthrax Reunite to ‘Bring the Noise’

Public Enemy’s Chuck D reunited with Anthrax last year to perform the genre-smashing rendition of “Bring the Noise” they released together in 1991. The hip-hop artist’s appearance was part of Anthrax’s 40th-anniversary livestream, which was broadcast from a Los Angeles soundstage last July. The whole celebration is available now as Anthrax XL on Blu-ray, CD, and digitally.

Chuck bounces around the stage as he raps his verses, and guitarist Scott Ian and bassist Frank Bello shout Flavor Flav’s parts. The aerobic performance ends just like it did on the collaboration’s 1991 single, with Chuck D toasting drummer Charlie Benante, saying, “Hear the drummer get wicked.”

“Happy 40th to the greatest,” Chuck D says at the end of the video. “Nothing tops the feeling, every once in a while, I get invited by the band to come out and do ‘Bring the Noise.’ Nothing tops the joy.”

A few years back, Anthrax reflected on connecting with Public Enemy for a mini-documentary put together by the Smithsonian Museum of American History. In the clip, the group recounts how they had written their own rap song, “I’m the Man,” in the late Eighties and eventually caught Chuck D’s attention by how frequently Ian wore a Public Enemy shirt. Although Chuck was initially wary of the collaboration, they were able to convince him by recording their own metal version of the song and putting his verses to it. “Everybody said, a rap group and a metal group, how can that be done?” Bello says in the clip. “It can be done, and it can be done right. And we did it right.”

Anthrax, who will be on tour this summer with Black Label Society and Hatebreed, also released videos for “Aftershock” and “The Devil You Know” from Anthrax XL.

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