See Durand Jones & the Indications Bring Retro-Soul Grooves to ‘CBS Mornings’

Durand Jones and the Indications brought their retro-soul grooves to CBS Mornings for the show’s latest “Saturday Sessions.”

For the performance, the soul revivalists from Indiana showcased three tracks off their recently released LP Private Space, “Wit-Choo,” “Love Will Work It Out” and “The Way That I Do,” the latter two the first singles the Indications released from their pandemic and politically inspired album.

“For months into the pandemic and the racial/political chaos that ensued, we found it hard to write. The biggest creative dry spell we’d experienced in a decade,” the band previously said in a statement. 

“The constant barrage of horrible news felt overwhelming, and songs just seemed inadequate in response to police murdering people in broad daylight. Songs felt inadequate in the face of a virus that decimated communities and kept us apart from our loved ones.”

They added, “We marched, protested, cried, wiped down our groceries, stopped wiping down our groceries, unplugged, breathed, replugged, reengaged. And when music finally flowed, the first song we wrote together was ‘Love Will Work It Out.’”

Jones and the Indications are currently out on the road as the special guests on My Morning Jacket’s tour.