See Charli XCX’s ‘Twisted, Dramatic’ Video for New Song ‘Good Ones’

Charli XCX has unleashed the surprise new single “Good Ones,” as well as the song’s “twisted, dramatic and quite frankly electrifying music video.”

In a self-penned press release, the singer writes of “Good Ones,” “The first single of my new chapter embraces all that my life has to offer in today’s world – fame, glamour, inner demons and global hits. ‘Good Ones’ was produced by Oscar Holter of Max Martin’s Wolf Cousins entity, and laments my inability to keep hold of healthy relationships, instead being endlessly drawn back to the dysfunctional and toxic.”

Filmed in Mexico and co-directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the video “sees me dramatically mourning the untimely loss of my partner as I battle with the realization that once again I’ve abandoned the goodness in my life, in favor of the sinister, with a visual aesthetic that marks a new era of me: Charli XCX.”

In addition to the new single, Charli XCX also recently launched a new podcast called Charli XCX’s Best Song Ever where the singer and guests explore the tracks that have been instrumental to their lives. Charli XCX also recently appeared on Joel Corry and Jax Jones’ “Out, Out” single and contributed a remix to Lady Gaga’s upcoming Dawn of Chromatica.

“As you already know, I am an iconic figure in the arts, and have helped expand the landscape of popular music over the last decade by seamlessly traversing the underground and the mainstream with my output,” Charli XCX added in the refreshingly meta press release. “My innovative approach has opened up new possibilities within the pop sphere for both myself and others. You’re welcome.”