Scoobert Doobert hopes to get better on “If I Could Only”

Straight out of the sandy soil of Encinitas, California, singer/producer Scoobert Doobert has released his latest, “If I Could Only.” While the moniker might trigger a few laughs and giggles, the artist is, in fact, quite serious about his craft. Choosing to learn how to produce and write compositions for the sake of self entertainment, he quickly developed a knack for it, releasing it out into the world in the hopes that someone else out there would click with his vibe. 

“If I Could Only” is a solemn, reflective track rife with moody pads, strings, and soft percussions that build up slightly in the chorus section. It sure is perfect for the gloomy subject matter of being uninspired to change or grow which many can relate to, especially in this present world situation. Doobert’s melodic run and style have distinct lackadaisical energy that captures sad lyrics like ” Though I never come across the time, I don’t wanna wake alone untethered make another vow and change my mind.” Doobert’s implores us that the best way to break free of the monotony and listlessness is by confronting it head-on and hopes the song can help console people going through the same thing.

The video is as zany as they come and blends a wide variety of images and clips together. From falling strawberries, deers to dancing gingerbread men, the video gives us a graphic glimpse into the psyche of an individual going through it. In his own words, this is his Scoobertverse and we are all welcome to stick around and explore.

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