Scilence knows a few things about “Vegas” [Video]

California-based artist Scilence, by way of Washington, D.C. has been doing her thing for a while now. Her knack for meshing Hip Hop, Pop, and Electronic canvas with her unique style has made her stand out from the crowd. Her latest release titled “Vegas”, is an experimental off-kilter tune that focuses on themes of partying, drinking, and giving oneself the unbridled liberty to experience life’s multitude of experiences.

The production is a potpourri of sounds and vibes, if I may use that term. The synths and sparsely arranged drums are well crafted and are underpinned by her devil-may-care drunken melodic flow with a brimful of autotune effects. The lyrics are quite vivid and reflect Scilence’s musical persona and character that encompasses ‘red party cup drinking’, ‘tripping on psychedelics, and always trying something new.

The music video taps into the theme of what happens in Vegas stays there. The whole affair is quite entertaining and unpredictable as we see Scilence get married to a blow-up doll officiated by an Elvis impersonator. She also goes for a ride across town and takes time off in the Bellagio with her artificial partner doing whatever they please. In summary, it’s a funny visual that really showcases Scilence’s eccentric and unfiltered style.

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