Schoolboy Q’s New Album ‘Blue Lips’ Has Arrived

Schoolboy Q fueled anticipation a couple months later when he appeared on the Back on Figg podcast, explaining why he was taking his time to release his next album.

“We never looked at the industry as a sport,” he said. “I feel like people look at this shit as a sport. We never looked at it as a sport. This is our life, like me talking about our situations, like y’know, the shit we done been through, homies we done lost to the system or to the streets or whatever.”

He continued, “When it comes to music, I don’t look at it as like, ‘Oh, you have to drop every year.’ I’m like, no, your favorite rapper has to drop every year because he needs chili. I do what I want because I move off peace, I move off my experiences.”

Once February arrived, Q launched an online countdown to March 1 along with the album’s title and original tracklist. He went on to release the lead single, “Yeern 101,” and previewed two cuts, “Blueslides” and “Back in Love,” featuring Devin Malik.