Schoolboy Q Tells Fan He’s ‘Goin Out Like B.B. King’ and ‘Rapping Til’ I’m 80,’ Drops “Yeern 101” Video

“I was twenty plus young when this shit got real.Young black boy runnin’, got me out of that field/Made a livin’ off game, you should get it on film/I ain’t never your kind, late but I’m really on time,” ScHoolboy raps on the hook-less track.

In the hours leading up to “Yeern 101,” ScHoolboy Q hopped on Twitter to address one fan’s concerns that the Oxymoron artist is nearing the end of his career. “@ScHoolboyQ may be releasing his best project so late in his career,” the fan tweeted regarding the imminent release of Blue Lips.

ScHoolboy Q maintained that he has no plans on slowing down, comparing himself to B.B. King in that he plans on making music until he’s 80.

“Late? Told y’all on blank face I’m goin out like B.B king… I’m rapping til I’m 80 on god,” the 37-year-old replied.