ScHoolboy Q Ranks All of His 6 Albums

Q’s sophomore album, Habits & Contradictions, came in at number three, with the Los Angeles native writing that this was the album where he figured out the formula to making a hit. He revealed he didn’t know how he got the album done, but it was the one that made him who he is. 

Blank Face LP came in second place, with Q explaining that he didn’t want to be put in a box after going for a pop-friendly sound on Oxymoron. He was told the album wasn’t ready and the lead single “THat Part” featuring Kanye West was a failure, before it ultimately went platinum.

Lastly, Q picked Blue Lips, as his top album. According to himn, it’s still early, and his opinion could change, but Blue Lips has been done for a while, and he just couldn’t figure out when the time was right to unleash it. 

“I’m 2 good to let my talent go to waste over a viral moment.. I’m 37 and still Hungry I Honestly don’t tHink nobody can fuck wit me to be real,” Q went on. “I always find new pockets & i been nervous befo but neva scared… im 1 of tHem 1’s easy.. I made tHis album for artist tHinking ppl don’t want dope sHit nomo…”

He added, “I stayed away from interviews on purpose coming into tHis album and just kept it music… I got interviews lined up now to go more in deptH but yea ignore da circus cuHz it’s getting weird.. music needs music… music needs effort.. BLUELIPS.”