Saweetie on Rap Beef’s Double Standard: ‘When the Women Do It, It’s Not Seen as a Sport’

When Sharpe wondered if a feud could go too far, she said, “I mean what you’re seeing right now is just battle rap but just singles. ‘Cause if they was battle rapping then it wouldn’t be beef, they’d be going at each other on stage like this. But now that it’s singles, it’s brought a bigger audience to it.”

The trio then discussed if two people who are beefing can later become friends, with Saweetie saying, “If my name ain’t on it, then it’s not directed towards me.” She added, “I feel like if you don’t say my name then you ain’t really ‘bout it.”

Johnson agreed, saying, “Can’t ship no package without no address.”

Back in November 2022, Saweetie commented on how women were dominating rap due to an absence of “empathy and love” between male rappers.

“L.A. and other cities, it just goes to show that this is the reason why women is running rap and Hip Hop,” she said on the Bootleg Kev Podcast. “Because there’s just so much violence and disrespect in the male music. You gotta think, like, remember, what was it, like ’16/’17, remember when like YG, Tyga, Chris [Brown], Big Sean, TeeFlii was out? It was fun, party music.”

She continued, “It wasn’t like, ‘I’ma do this to you, and this, and this,’ you know? I feel like we gotta raise the vibration with the music and get back to having a good time. [I feel like there’s definitely a lack of] empathy and love, for real.”