Sara Diamond finds the comfort in relationships on“Hollywood (U & Me)” [Video]

We all know those toxic relationships where a person is super controlling. It is usually a situation where the other party is left feeling unappreciated and unsupported. Sara Diamond sings of the exact opposite scenario, reminding us what a healthy partnership looks like. In “Hollywood (U & Me)” she passionately sings of a partner who lifts you up and champions your dreams. “Whenever I go you support it. Pick me up at the airport. Oh you’re really committed.” Her soulful vocals gliding atop delicate, glossy arrangements create a truly addictive tune. The accompanying visuals exude a raw intensity with its dark scenes beautifully enhanced by neon pink lighting. The seductive dancers amplify the tune’s sensual air.

Diamond is an indie-pop/R&B talent showcasing a unique sound. Her charismatic vocals and clever lyrics have gained her fans all across the globe. Inspired by powerful greats Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse, this single displays that same rich tone. She reveals of the release, “When you’re with someone who believes in your dream, no amount of glitter and allure can pull you away from them. I wanted to express that sentiment in a song, so what better way than to compare a love so great to the glamour of Hollywood?"

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