Featured Album: Samual Cochrane – Drowning In Fire

Toronto based artist Samual Cochrane, recently launched his debut masterpiece called Drowning In Fire.

Drowning in Fire gives us 'The Weeknd' feel while 'Eject Her Seat' reminds us of Kygo's sound.

Whether you are establishing your moral compass, dealing with a loss, or overcoming a heartbreak there is definitely a track you will find fitting for you! 

Drowning In Fire meshes records in the beauty of struggles that ultimately makes human beings much stronger. This may be letting someone or something go in order for you to personally grow and blossom. Although it may be hard, it allows us to find strength and hope for a better tomorrow.

Samual has written multiple singles and albums already and more releases are expected to drop soon. Samual's big summer continues, stay tuned!

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