Sage Harris gets over a toxic love in the illest way possible with “Meds” [Video]

Toronto R&B singer Sage Harris is turning heads, quite literally, with the grand live performance of his upcoming EP’s debut single, “Meds”.


Harris croons us into an idyll with honey-smooth vocals before he suddenly leaps off a cliff. The camera angle does a 180°, revealing that he is actually singing upside down. Despite the blood rushing through his head, he doesn’t miss a single note. Harris mesmerizes us with grandiose emotion and delicate countertenor vocals against the song's contemplative keys and single textured guitar loop. With his feet firmly locked in position, he aptly sings about feeling held captive by a distant lover. He keeps his composure all while suspended in the air, before the song erupts into a guitar riff. As the first R&B artist in history to perform entirely upside-down, Harris ends the performance quite fittingly, with a mic drop.

As he gears up for the release of his debut EP, Prince Hills, Harris is marking his space in the R&B scene as a trailblazer to keep an eye on.

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