'RuPaul's Drag Race': Milk Talks About Her Feud With Kennedy, Marc Jacobs & the Olympics

On Thursday night (Feb. 8), RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars created their own improvised reality show within a reality show, The Bitchelor a parody ABC’s The Bachelor]. The queens each played different personality types with their scene partners, and then strutted the runway with their Roxxxy Andrews-inspired “wigs on wigs on wigs” looks.

SPOILERS AHEAD] With the Lip Sync For Your Legacy rules in effect, BenDeLaCreme once again lip-synced, this time against Kennedy Davenport, to Lorde’s emotional “Green Light.” Kennedy emerged victorious, electing to eliminate Milk over Chi Chi DeVayne and Aja.

Milk talked to Billboard about putting her feud with Kennedy behind her, her favorite local queen and more.

I'm sorry that I'm having to talk to you so soon.

Oh, yes, I know. I'm still so emotional about it! laughs] No, I'm really not, it's just nice to get to talk to you.

How are you feeling about the elimination?

I feel good! I mean with things nowadays, I try to think about how I'll feel in two, five, 10 days and just know that in that amount time, I'll probably be moving on and moving forward. So yeah, I'm feeling good, and I'm excited to be able to keep going on with my life outside the show. I'm touring around, being active within the LGBTQ — wait, LGBTQIA+ community!

Yes queen, get all those letters.

Yes, all them! Just being able to travel and perform, that's what I love.

So the big question is — you're a figure skater, and figure skating was on last night. So did you watch Drag Race or the Olympics?

laughs] Unfortunately, I was painting my face at the time, and the hotel I was at didn't have VH1, and I had forgotten that figure skating was on. So I have to catch up on it, I have to catch up on the skating. Who did well?

I'm gonna be honest, I was watching Drag Race last night, so I have no idea.

It was the queer dilemma! Which do you watch?

So during the episode, you had this feud that was going on with Kennedy, and then she ended up being the one to send you home. How are the two you today after everything has gone down?

Oh, we're great. I mean, it's … we both understand that there's a lot emotion and pressure that goes into being on a reality TV show. We're there to entertain, and so we know that things will happen, and we're not necessarily the person that is on that show. We are more than just a reality TV show. We've worked together since, and hung out since, and so nothing but love for that one.

When that was going on in the workroom, what was your reaction to Kennedy getting really upset with you after your comments about Thorgy going home?

In that moment, I had been asked a question, and I had been put on the spot, and I'm not gonna say, “Oh, I'm not gonna give an answer.” You know? So, I did speak from my heart, that I thought that Thorgy had a lot to fer. And it was nothing against Kennedy at all, because I respect her drag and I respect the tradition and that female illusion.  Because that is one the reasons that our community is so strong, is because these strong characters. So yeah, you know, it was really just the heat the moment. 

Were you upset that you didn't get to walk the runway in front your former boss, Marc Jacobs?

laughs] Well, he used to be my boss. I mean, yeah, it's sort a bummer that I wasn't able to get to see him on the show. I mean, he's so cute, and he's such a big fan Drag Race. I know how exciting it was for him to be brought back.

Before you go, the question that we're trying to ask all the queens this season is who is one local queen that you think the fans should check out?

Oh my gosh. I'm gonna say the one that jumps in to my mind is Patti Spliff from Brooklyn. She's really amazing, she always wears these super-long braids. She reminds me an ostrich, and I'm really into an ostrich phase right now. Check out Patti Spliff, she's great.

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