'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars' Season 3, Ep. 3: 'The Bachelor' Parody Is One of the Show's Best Challenges Yet

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars season 3 is just three episodes in, and it's already snatching fans' wigs left and right. After Thursday (Feb. 8) night's hysterical The Bitchelor challenge and another surprising elimination, Pride Editor Patrick Crowley and Deputy Editor, Digital, Joe Lynch had a quick kiki on the ep. 

Joe: The Bitchelor! I have to say, the improv Bachelor parody is not only the best main challenge they’ve had this season, but one the best the show has ever done. And while the vast majority the queens brought it, big ups go to Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman for being a hysterical straight (as it were) man in a comedy challenge (Bonus: He’s dreamy). It makes the case that some the other Drag Race challenges might benefit from having real actors instead pit crew stand-ins. What did you think it?

Patrick: Yes! This was such an incredible challenge. I think it could have been cool to have them choose their own roles maybe, but I was really impressed by nearly all the girls. And speaking dreamy, Chi Chi has really had a glow-up since season 8, no? Watch out Milk, there’s a new Ru dreamboat.

Joe: Yes, although I always thought Chi Chi was cute, so welcome aboard. But speaking Chi Chi and Milk…disappointing in this challenge in extremely different ways. Chi Chi really needed a confidence boost, it seemed like she was content to sit back and let Shangela do all the work. And polar opposite, Milk needed to SLOW DOWN. That was just like, at 11 24/7. In a way it wasn’t surprising: people who aren’t ‘comedy’ ten think comedy just means being loud and in your face, as if volume = funny, which it does not. But it was exhausting and you could tell Trixie was PISSED.

Patrick: I was pissed *for* Trixie. She really deserved to be in the top two this week. Kennedy was surprisingly great in The Bitchelor (though that chipped tooth was a choice…), but her runway was the most anticlimactic. Milk could have been better during the main challenge, but I think she gave a solid performance. And her runway may have been my favorite look hers all time.  

Joe: I LOVE I Dream Jeannie, I was obsessed with Barbara Eden as a kid (they played reruns a lot), so I dug Milk’s look. And Trixie’s runway look was fab too! I loved the Lady Bunny to Tatianna “Same Parts” transition, that was clever. Yeah I wish we would have seen Trixie in the top 2 although I gotta give it up for Ben, she’s been consistently excellent and surprisingly adaptable to the different challenges. What did you think Milk’s comments about not deserving to be in the bottom 3? That was a little superior in a not cute way, very “I’m better than these people.” Which at the very least, just think that — don’t tell it to the camera!

Patrick: I mean, she’s sort developed an attitude, but I understand her frustration. The Celine meltdown last week was a mess, but we’ve forgiven past queens for worse (remember Alaska’s breakdown towards the end AS2?). Compared to Aja and Chi Chi — and even Shangela — I think Milk was a solid ‘safe’ this week. Who else did you like on The Bitchelor?

Joe: Trixie was genius, Kennedy was hysterical, Ru herself was perfect. Shangela was good, BeBe was pretty forgettable. I didn’t think Aja was bad but it definitely didn’t come across as ‘needy’ (I liked her acknowledging she needs to rethink her definition the word). But MVP Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman in that challenge.

Patrick: Oh totally! I’m really impressed with DeLa. As you said, she has been consistent, but she’s shown so many different facets. I thought this competition was Trixie’s to lose, but it might be Ben’s.

Joe: What did you think about the Lorde lip sync? I have to say, I think it was the sleepiest lip sync we’ve seen this season. No real standout moments, just a lot emoting (which was fine, but forgettable). At first I was excited to hear “Green Light” then I was like, “maybe this doesn’t quite work.”

Patrick: “Green Light” was one my favorite songs 2017, but that lip sync was depressing. There’s got to be a way to spice that up, but even a lip sync assassin like Kennedy didn’t deliver much. I’d like to challenge the drag queens the world to do justice to “Green Light.” If someone tags me on Twitter with a worthy performance, I’ll happily embed it in this article. (No, I’m not joking.) How about that elimination though? Did the right queen go?

Joe: Oh man, NO. I really love Chi Chi, she was one my favorites that season, and I was so excited for her to come back, but she deserved to go home after that challenge. Here’s the thing: Both Milk and Chi Chi flopped in The Bitchelor, but Milk’s failure was trying too hard at something that’s not natural for her, and Chi Chi’s failure was that she didn’t even try in the first place. And she even admitted as much. Plus, Milk’s lil Post-It dress was cool and original, whereas I guarantee 9/10 viewers can’t remember what Chi Chi was wearing. But I’m glad Aja didn’t go home, I love her.

Patrick: Out the three, I wouldn’t have minded seeing Aja going. But our photo editor literally just came over to my desk with glee about Milk going home. It really seemed the fandom was ready for a Big ‘N Milky exit, which is sad. Out the cast, I do think Milk was pushing the boundaries drag and I was always excited to see what she was going to do next. But hey — maybe she’ll be back. Did you see the theory our squirrel friends at Entertaintment Weekly had to say about the “clues” at the end the episode? They think RuPaul made a reference to Burlesque and that once there are five eliminated queens, the remaining five will be paired up with them to duke it out for a spot in the top 5. That would be a twist, henny!

Joe: That would be crazy….that would also make Burlesque an even gayer movie, something I previously didn’t think possible.

Patrick: If it means a return for Thorgy: I. Am. Here. For. IT!


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