“Run Away” is Justin S. Grant’s New Song & Music Video

Songwriter and producer Justin S. Grant is releasing a new song titled “Run Away,” showcasing his skills at experimenting with a myriad of genres. With this latest song being more in the Hip-Hop sonic realm, it also includes some nicely curated electr-textured progressions that give it a crossover feel.  

Through a semi-angry atmosphere, Justin S. Grant takes the listener on a journey where unrequited love is the main subject explored. 

His previous releases differ in style and vibe, with a debut single unveiled earlier this year titled “Don’t Go!” and a brilliant version of “Let It Be,” with David Abrams on guitar. 

Despite being a newcomer to music, his songs have already attracted thousands of fans and his latest singles have been widely praised by the press. 

The California-based artist is also an accomplished entrepreneur, singer, author, and speaker. He is best-known for the best-selling book, Business & Spirituality ~ Secrets of Personal, Professional, & Planetary Evolution.

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