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There are now hundreds of mattress brands vying for your dollars online, but how do you know which mattress brand to trust? We don’t mess around when it comes to sleep, which is why we decided to personally review some of the newest mattress brands in the marketplace.

While sites like Casper and Nectar have led the way with their online mattress offerings, a number of sites are offering great alternatives to the buzzy mattress brands, with unique features and updates that promise more supportive, adaptive and reactive sleep. The best new online mattress brands are also introducing new technologies that help you stay cool and comfortable at night (I.e. no more night sweats) with some mattresses offering anti-microbial and anti-odor properties too.

The best part: these mattresses come shipped directly to your door, rolled tight and vacuum-sealed in a box. If you’ve been dreading going into a busy store and having to arrange for delivery of a bulky mattress, you’ll be happy to know that the best online mattresses come in easy-to-maneuver packages that unroll and set up in a snap. No assembly or heavy-lifting required.

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What Are the Best Online Mattresses?

The latest figures show more than 60% of Americans are looking to buy their next mattress online, preferring the convenience, accessibility and affordability of online mattress brands over shopping for a set in stores. If you’re looking to upgrade your mattress, we’ve reviewed some of the best new mattress brands online to help you find one that fits your sleeping style. While we can’t guarantee a perfect night of sleep, we can tell you that these mattresses all helped us get a little closer to find those ZZZs.

BEST OVERALL: Tempur-Pedic Cloud Mattress

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Cocoon by Sealy ‘Chill’ Mattress (Bonus: It’s on sale for up to 35% off right now)

BEST PLUSH MATTRESS: Nolah Evolution Plush

BEST FOR SIDE SLEEPERS: DreamCloud Premier Mattress

BEST COOLING MATTRESS: Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid Mattress

BEST LUXURY MATTRESS: Airweave Mattress Advanced

1. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress


You probably grew up sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic mattress, or your parents always raved about how good their Tempur-Pedic was. The name became so synonymous with mattresses that you could just say “I bought a Tempur-Pedic” and people would know what you were talking about. These were the mattresses you used to have to test out at the big-box stores, but the same quality mattress can now be delivered to your door.

The best Tempur-Pedic to order online is the TEMPUR-Cloud mattress. The mattress is firm enough to provide full-body support with just enough “give” on top to not feel like you’re sleeping on a brick. Unlike cheaper mattresses, where you immediately sink in, the TEMPUR-Cloud keeps you “lifted” as its name suggests. It minimizes pressure points and quickly adapts to whatever sleeping position you’re in to caress your body rather than envelope it. If you’re prone to stress or backaches, this is a good mattress to sleep on.

I’m prone to stiffness in my neck and back and used to think a pillow-top mattress would help, but it felt too soft and plush for what I needed. I also struggle to fall asleep quickly, and found myself tossing and turning all night on my old mattress, trying to find a comfortable position. I felt a difference with the TEMPUR-Cloud mattress immediately. It’s incredibly firm but not stiff; supple but not springy. As soon as I laid down, my weight felt evenly distributed, and there was a lot less tossing and turning. It’s incredibly quiet too, with none of the cheap “creaking” you hear from cheaper mattress sets, and when I had someone over, there was no noise or movement when the other person was shuffling on their side.

As with all the best online mattresses on our list, this mattress comes delivered in a box. Unlike some bed-in-a-box mattresses though, which take hours to expand, the TEMPUR-Cloud unrolls and expands in minutes. The company’s 10-year warranty is also among the best in the biz.

BEST FOR: back aches, couples, people who prefer a firmer feel

Buy Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud $1399.30

2. Cocoon by Sealy Chill Mattress

Cocoon by Sealy

Sealy is another long-time mattress brand that has seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to their more affordable and accessible Cocoon by Sealy division. The brand is known for its “Chill” mattress, which is great if you find yourself running hot in bed. The company says its super soft knit layer on top features a “proprietary phase change material.” It basically just means the material absorbs and dissipates heat, rather than trapping it on the surface. The mattress is noticeably cooler and I didn’t feel stuffy or suffocated in bed.

The mattress — I tested a king — more than comfortably fit two people, and I noticed little to no movement when one person was shifting; the other side of the bed was pretty much undisturbed. The medium-soft feel of the mattress is great for people who really want to sink into their bed rather than feel like they’re sleeping “on top” of the bed. The mattress was also great for me, as a multi-position sleeper who’s typically alternating between my side and back. As someone who’s always dealt with back pain and neck pain, I found that the just-right plushness of the mattress, and its responsive memory foam, really helped to ease and cradle my joints in bed. In the past, I’ve felt tense in bed, laying down on mattresses that forced me into a certain sleeping style or position. With the Cocoon by Sealy Chill Mattress, my body was able to relax right into the memory foam, which immediately adapted to my positioning.

And while a lot of mattresses can feel cheap and flimsy, this one felt comfortable and durable, like it was really built to last. Everything is designed and made in the USA and ships in an easy-to-handle box.

BEST FOR: stress relief, multi-position sleepers, couples

Buy Cocoon by Sealy Chill $499+

3. MOLECULE 2 AirTEC with Microban Mattress


Fans of firmer mattresses might be apprehensive of the MOLECULE 2 AirTEC mattress at first because it feels soft and your body sinks into it when you first climb on. Soft mattresses can feel great, but anyone who needs more support might prefer something more firm.

But that’s exactly what I loved about the MOLECULE mattress: the initial plushness makes you feel super comfortable, but there’s a firmness that will also hold you in place (thanks to memory foam). For a heavy sleeper used to a pillow-top mattress, I was skeptical about changing to a flat top, but I didn’t feel much of a change in terms of firmness, which I am happy about. Where I felt the most difference was in sleep quality, and the MOLECULE mattress helped me sleep more comfortably and soundly through the night.

The MOLECULE mattress features multiple layers of foam that each work to address a specific sleeping concern. One layer helped to relieve pressure on my back, while another layer works to adapt to the contours of my body, to help me find a more natural sleeping position. The company says its “BioCHARGE” layer, meantime, helps to improve circulation.

What makes the MOLECULE 2 AirTEC stand out from others is that it’s a “temperature-regulated” (read: cooling) mattress. I felt the cooling effects when I first laid down, but that dissipated pretty quickly, so it wasn’t something you noticed acutely every time. The mattress also comes with MOLECULE’s “Microban AEGIS Microbe Shield” technology, which helps to stop the growth of microbes, as bacteria are attracted to the coating’s positive charge and eliminated.

MOLECULE is one of the newer online mattress sites, but they’ve already got some big names behind it. The company just signed Michael Phelps as an ambassador, joining the likes of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team star Alex Morgan, as supporters. A bonus: every mattress order comes with free sheets.

BEST FOR: athletes, multi-position sleepers, people who run hot in bed

Buy MOLECULE 2 AirTE C $1,299

4. Nolah Evolution 15-Inch


If you like a softer mattress that’s super plush and gentle on your back, you’ll want to sink into Nolah’s Evolution mattress. At once soft and supportive, the mattress has layers of high-tech foam and padding that ensure a longer-lasting mattress — and longer-lasting sleep.

What we liked: Nolah says its “ArcticTex” top layer actually uses materials that draw excess heat from the body, helping to keep you cool without harsh chemicals or gels. The “AirFoamICE” layer further adds to the comfort factor by also drawing heat away from the surface of the mattress.

Unlike spring mattresses or traditional coils, which often have too much “give,” Nolah’s tri-zoned support coils were responsive yet still stayed in place – so that we stayed in place while sleeping too. As a side sleeper, this was particularly effective in keeping my body comfortable without tossing and turning to find the right position.

At 15 inches, this is one of the thicker mattresses on our list, but it didn’t feel particularly bulky. In fact, there was something so satisfying about diving into bed after a long day, know the Nolah Evolution would be just the cradling and support we needed to get some much-needed rest (also: this Nolah mattress was so good, we returned the Casper mattress in our guest room for another one from this brand).

BEST FOR: side sleepers, people who prefer a plush feel, people who run hot at night

Buy Nolah Evolution Plush $1,599

5. Dreamfoam by Brooklyn Bedding Copper Dreams Mattress

Dreamfoam Bedding

Call me the odd one out, but I prefer a really firm mattress. While most people are sleeping with plush padding for a soft night, I’m hopping into bed with a concrete slab. So you can imaging the hesitation to try something that promises “cloud-like comfort” when you’re used to something firm. Despite the fears, I actually quite enjoyed the experience.

First, the shipping. The mattress comes vacuum-sealed in a box so you don’t have to worry about carrying something overly large and awkward to lift. This worked perfectly for me, as I was in the process of moving and shipped the mattress to my previous address to insure someone was home for delivery. After unloading it from the car, with the correct placement and a few snips of the plastic seal, the mattress was in full bloom, ready for the night.

My first reaction was to the reduced motion transfer. It’s in the product description, but I somehow didn’t expect HOW motion resistant it would be—I’m talking have a glass of wine at the end of the day and not worry about spilling, motion resistant. I was also really impressed with how the mattress retained its firm qualities while still being soft and contouring to the body. I may have thought I preferred a concrete slab, but having just a tiny bit of cushioning definitely helped my back.

The cooling cooper-graphite helped to keep my body temperature comfortable under the sheets (it basically draws heat from the body and moves it around instead of trapping it under you as your sleep). The contouring memory foam was not as “soft” as I feared it would be. In fact, it felt amazing and supportive on my back and hips.

The Dreamfoam mattress feels well-made, solidly-engineered and designed to help even the pickiest sleepers finally get some shut-eye. After just a couple nights of rest, I knew this mattress would be a keeper.

BEST FOR: back aches, people who prefer a firm feel, couples

Buy Dreamfoam Copper Dreams $636.75

6. DreamCloud Premier

Resident Home

The DreamCloud Premier was my first new mattress in ten years, and I’ve been delighted with the experience. I’ve slept on both innerspring coil mattresses and memory foam mattresses, and the DreamCloud was the perfect in-between, with a mix of both memory foam and coils. The bed is bouncy, yet soft and supportive; I sink into the memory foam topper without feeling suffocated by it, and the bed feels cool and breathable all night.

My girlfriend and I have different sleeping styles – she’s a side sleeper with a sore neck, I’m a back sleeper with an achy back – and the bed is comfortable for both of us. As a tall guy, I also like the extra-tall mattress (15 inches thick) that makes it easy to get out of bed in the morning. The top of the mattress is covered in a super cozy cashmere blend, and all of the finishes feel luxe. And it isn’t just aesthetic either – the mattress feels strong and durable, and the low motion transfer design means your sleep is undisturbed, even with two people in the bed. The DreamCloud Premier has made a world of difference in not only how my girlfriend and I sleep, but the quality of our sleep as well.

BEST FOR: side sleepers, back sleepers, couples

Buy DreamCloud Premier $1,399

7. Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid Mattress


A committed side sleeper ever since a chiropractor diagnosed my neck and back pain as a byproduct of my poor bedtime posture, I’m always on the prowl for something that allows for good curvature so there’s less chance of another flare up. Throw in a restless (and finicky) sleeping partner, and we required something that would handle his furnace-like body heat and my need to not get bounced off the edge when late-night inspiration (or perspiration) struck.

This firm, cooling memory foam mattress — which Zinus says is also layered with copper and an infusion of “green tea” — has managed to exceed all expectations. Although I can’t quite detect a “cooling” difference, it seems to have cast a spell over us. The only problem? It’s such an amazing relaxing experience, it’s quickly become a refuge away from the stress of the world and more difficult to get out of bed. We already had a standard Casper mattress that was a few years old and, since we didn’t know what to do with it and felt bad just kicking it to the curb, we placed our new mattress atop it for extra height and now feel like we’re sleeping like kings.

Zinus says its mattress is a blend of spring and memory foam and promotes cooler, cleaner and more comfortable sleep. The copper and green tea-infused memory foam is said to boast anti-microbial properties, while helping to  neutralize odors. A base layer of individual pocket springs helps with spine support and prevents motion transfer when someone is shifting in bed.

BEST FOR: people on a budget, people who run hot at night, people who prefer a medium-firm feel.

Buy Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive $349.00

8. airweave Mattress Advanced


I was skeptical about the airweave Mattress Advanced when I saw its high price tag, and I was even more skeptical when I first felt its extreme firmness. But, after weeks of testing the queen size, I’ve realized just how effective that firmness is — and why the airweave is actually worth its hefty price.

airweave founder Motokuni Takaoka got the inspiration for the airweave after realizing that the resin material used for fishing lines would be great for mattresses. This led to the creation of “Airfiber,” the proprietary resin material used in airweave mattresses.

And Takaoka was right, it seems: The Airfiber material is uniquely supportive and exceptionally breathable. Yes, it’s also very firm, but its solidity is a benefit. After adjusting to the feel, I’ve woken up feeling more rested – both physically and mentally — even after fewer hours of sleep.

In an effort to make airweave better for more sleepers, the mattress’ core blocks can be flipped for different levels of firmness. Although a change is noticeable, even the “soft” level is still very firm by American standards (Japanese beds are all more firm).

In other words, the airweave isn’t for everyone. I’m a stomach and back sleeper, and I enjoy strenuous exercise most days (usually long runs). For me, the mattress has greatly aided physical recovery (my usual lower back soreness is gone), and its firmness agrees with my sleeping position. However, my girlfriend (a side sleeper), can’t get used to the mattress’ firmness — even when it’s set up to its softest level.

Also, be aware that the Airweave is packaged differently than our other picks. It comes in three boxes containing Airfiber modules, pillow toppers, and two covers that hold the modules together. It’s a little harder to set up than a vacuum-sealed mattress, but there’s no off-gassing and the three-box delivery makes it easy to get inside or up the stairs.

BEST FOR: stomach sleepers, athletes, people who like extra support

Buy airweave Mattress Advanced $6,000

Online Mattress Buying Guide

There are a number of things to keep in mind when shopping for the best mattress online for you. You’ll want to consider things like your sleeping style, how firm or soft you want your mattress to be, and how hot or cold you tend to run at night.

Sleeping Position and Style: Are you a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or side sleeper? Some mattresses are better-suited to one style of sleeping over another. Determine what position you feel most comfortable falling asleep in before beginning your search for a mattress.

Mattress Firmness: A stomach sleeper will typically want a medium-firm to firm mattress, to prevent you from sagging into the bed (and thus creating an unnatural spine alignment). A side sleeper would benefit from a softer mattress, which better cushions and aligns with the contours of your head, hips and legs. A back sleeper has the most options, and choosing a plush mattress vs. a firm mattress will really depend on personal preference. Do you like to sink in and sleep in the bed, or do you like the feeling of sleeping on the bed? Choose a softer mattress if you like the feeling of being cradled or want a cushiony feel under your back; go for a firmer mattress if you prefer more support.

Keep in mind that if you purchase a memory foam mattress (more on that below), foam often responds to temperature, so if it’s cold in your room, your mattress may get a little firmer, and vice-versa.

Materials: Traditional mattresses used to use a coil spring system, which led to that “creaky” sound you heard when shifting around in bed, and caused annoying back pains when the coils came loose or lost its “spring.” The best mattresses these days all feature memory foam construction or a hybrid of foam and springs, to help produce a more consistent sleeping experience.

Memory foam is an adaptive foam that flexes and shifts according to your sleeping position. Rather than letting your body sag or collapse, however, the best memory foam mattresses will expand to support your body with a layer of soft cushioning underneath. Unlike cheaper foam mattresses, a memory foam mattress quickly returns to its original shape once you move or shift; there won’t be an indent left behind on where you were just laying down.

Some companies now use a gel foam that is said to be less heat-retentive than memory foam, thus offering a cooler sleeping experience. Gel foam offers the same supportive properties as memory foam, without trapping heat in its fibers. Some gel foam mattresses are also treated with a special coating that helps to wick away sweat — perfect for those who run hot at night.

As its name suggests, a hybrid mattress uses a combination of foam and springs. The best hybrid mattresses are made with multiple layers of material, typically with a spring base for sturdiness and support, and then a foam topper for comfort and pressure relief. A good hybrid mattress will offer just enough give, while still providing a firm base for your back.

Size: The best online mattress companies offer a full size range of mattresses, from twin to king. Some of the brands on our list offer a California King mattress as well. All of our reviews are based on a queen mattress with one person sleeping on it unless otherwise noted.

How We Chose the Best Online Mattress Brands

We compiled our list of the best mattresses to buy online based on in-depth, personal testing. We slept on every single mattress listed in this article, spending at least a full month with the mattress before writing our review.


All of these online mattress brands were rated for comfort, durability and materials. Were we able to fall asleep quickly on the mattress? Did the materials irritate our skin or affect our sleep? And how did the mattress hold up to our different weights, sleeping positions and use over time?

Don’t just take our word for it either: All of these top-rated mattresses also boast positive reviews from other shoppers online.