Picture of Roskamala “Out Of The Maze”

Roskamala Calls For Inclusivity In Recent Release “Out Of The Maze” 

Roskamala, an exceptional emerging artist, has won the hearts of listeners with her latest single “Out Of The Maze.” Embracing her own experiences as a person who frequently found herself on the fringes, she courageously rejects the limitations imposed by societal norms, conveying a deep-rooted message of self-embrace and empowerment. Her music effortlessly grabs the attention of fans, leaving them spellbound and inspired.

“I live my life exactly like the lyrics of the song,” explains Roskamala, saying: “…it’s extremely challenging to be weird, different and not follow what you were told to do to be normal. The message I’m trying to send is whatever path you choose it’s going to be challenging and that’s life.” “Out Of The Maze” is inspired by the idea that there are numerous ways to navigate adulthood. It emphasizes that one doesn’t need to have all the answers right away, as long as they are progressing towards their own happiness.

The visuals and characters in the captivating music video for “Out Of The Maze” vividly portray Roskamala’s personal journey of feeling like an outsider among loved ones and society at large. Born with a unique perspective and unconventional thinking, she embraces values that differ from the mainstream. Fearlessly, she chooses to live life on her own terms, even if it means belonging to a minority. The visuals authentically reflect her story and resonate with those who have experienced similar struggles.

With impactful tracks such as “Out Of The Maze,” Roskamala spreads a message of hope and highlights the importance of fostering inclusivity for those who feel marginalized. As a singer-songwriter, she weaves narratives that transform negative perspectives into uplifting and positive experiences. Her music serves as a catalyst for change, inspiring listeners to embrace acceptance and empathy.

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