Roc Nation’s Casanova shares “Coming Home” ft Chris Brown


Funneling two lifetimes worth of street knowledge into his intense and precise rhymes, Casanova is one of the most promising stars in the Five Boroughs. Delving deep into his past and facing his demons head-on, Casanova announces Behind These Scars, his upcoming second album. Comprised of a breathless 10-tracks, the album traces the Roc Nation rapper’s path from poverty to prison to prominence, carefully examining every aspect of the rising star’s life.

To complement the announcement today Casanova premiered “Coming Home” ft Chris Brown on Ebro’s Beats1 radio show. Showing his affection for his lady in true Casanova style, this love song is explicit #relationshipgoals for the freak-a-leaks. It’s the perfect song to set the mood!


About “Coming Home”, Casanova said, “It’s intended for your girl, putting her on a pedestal. You coming home and it’s relationship goals. You leaving your boys to race home to your girl. You’re coming home, you’re having fun, yall f*cking a lot and you just love being with your girl”

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