Robin Thicke Stumbles Out of L.A. Club With Fiancée: ‘Your B*tch A** Is So Drunk’

Paparazzi were on the scene outside of a West Hollywood club on Thursday night where they spotted Thicke, 46, with fiancée model April Love Geary, 28, as they waited outside for their ride.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Thicke is seen walking away from Geary and then nearly stumbles into a plant. “God, that’s embarrasing. That’s so embarrassing,” Geary is heard saying as she tries to prevent the “Blurred Lines” singer from re-entering the club. “Don’t let him go in there,” she tells a bouncer. “Your bitch ass is so drunk.”

“My bad, my bad,” said Thicke after the couple walked away from the lounge entrance. “Fuck, you’re too fucking drunk,” Geary says moments later.

Thicke is then seen allegedly trying to grab Geary’s phone, leading them to a short tussle. “Take pictures of him grabbing me like that,” she tells the paparazzi as she tries to walk in the opposite direction to avoid his advances. “Stop. Fucking stop, Robin!” she continued, warning Thicke that they were taking pictures of him.

Eventually, a black SUV arrived, and Thicke held Geary in a bear hug as they slowly scraped their way into the car.