Rob49 Got A Travis Scott Feature, And Isn’t Slowing Down

How did you first connect with Travis Scott? 
You know, he’s from Houston, and Houston is one of the first places I really blew up. I had made a song called “Houston Girls,” and it just really went crazy. The strip club Area 29 was playing me heavy, and that’s the strip club he always go to. And I know the owner, and he was like, “I got to connect you with Travis.” I’m like, “say less.” So they FaceTimed me one night and said we got to link up and do something.

When did you record the verse for “Topia Twins”?
I probably recorded that damn near a year ago now. 

What was the creative process like for your verse? How did it come together for you? 
I was so scared to record a verse because Travis is one of the reasons I make music. I called him in the room, and was like, “Man come here in the room with me while I record.” So he was in the booth with me, just hyping me up in there. He told me to be me in there. So the first thing that came in my head, I just went in. 

Some fans online were bummed your verse wasn’t longer. Did you record more while you were in the booth? 
That’s really all I recorded. I was really in there, like, really spooking. 

Is there any memorable advice he gave you while you were in the booth together? 
I didn’t know he was going to bring that energy that I needed. I took my chain off, and put my chain on him. I just wanted to feel that energy, and he gave me that energy. 

Was 21 Savage around at this point? 
No, they called me about the 21 stuff a couple months after. 

What did you think of the song when you heard the full version? 
It’s No. 5 right now in the world on Apple Music. But I think it’s a No. 1. It was No. 8, then went to No. 6. And now No. 5. Yeah, it’s blowing up. 

How do you think this feature on “Topia Twins” has affected your career? 
It’s just a good song, and will help me keep making good songs. That’s really it. 

When people first heard “Topia Twins,” some listeners didn’t recognize it was you. Have you seen some of the early reactions to your verse and thoughts on who it might be? 
I ain’t trippin’ at all. I’m really grateful to even be on there, because it’s a time for them to discover you. I’m cool with that. At least you see I did what I’m supposed to do. It’s one of the top songs. 

Because you and Trav were in the studio together, did you record any other music? 
Nah, we didn’t record any more music. We wound up doing that real quick. We did that, we went to a party or something. 

How long did it take to record? 
Yeah, we were in there for an hour. We came right out of there. 

Earlier this month, you dropped “Mama.” What can you tell us about that single and how it came together? 
I had just pulled up to the studio. I had done the BET Awards with Skilla Baby and Tay Keith. Skilla Baby came up to me and was like, “I just did a whole song and used your ad-libs on it.” So I said bring it to me right now. And then we just did it like that. G Herbo came in there, like, “you all got a hit.” 

The song’s release was delayed because of the Travis single, but many fans were pushing you to drop it. Do you feel pressured by fans online to release more music? 
Not really. I ain’t going to lie, I feel like I should have dropped more. I went damn near a whole year without dropping. Nothing. 

What else are you working on right now?  
I’m working on another project right now. I’m supposed to be dropping a deluxe this month too. I’m going to drop the deluxe, and then I’m going to drop my album in two months. 

Is there anything you can tell us about the album? Are there any new things you’re trying or any features on it? 
It don’t really have a theme. I just feel my sound elevating. I’m just going to keep being me and making music, and that’s it. I’m trying to build a new sound. 

What do you mean? How would you describe this new sound? 
Just hood party music. 

Are there any other collaborations you’d like to check off your bucket list? 
It was two rappers and two singers. But I got one of the rappers. I really wanted Drake and Future. I wound up doing something with Future. I really want Drake now. But my two singers, that’s going to be hard. I want the Weeknd, and I want to do something with Frank Ocean. He from New Orleans. 

Have you and Frank Ocean crossed paths at any point so far? 
Nah, we never crossed paths or anything like that. 

As your career continues to go up, what is something you’ve learned about yourself while being in the industry?
Just sticking to yourself and looking forward. The world is always going to move around you, but just focus on you, and keep pushing. 

What other goals are you looking forward to checking off in the future? 
I want my deluxe to go top 3 or 4, something like that. I think I can get it.