Rising Hip-Hop Artist EdVanzd Drops Impressive New Single With Music Video “Tha Bounce”

Confident young rapper EdVanzd shows his incredible lyrical flow in his latest single titled “Tha Bounce.” The talented artist doesn’t hold his opinions back when addressing fellow rappers who do hip-hop differently than Edvanzd and the St. Louis rapper makes sure to let them know in a swag fashion. 

A one-of-a-kind rapper, EdVanzd is merciless in his new single, however, his opinions aren’t the most impressive part of the song; his outstanding rapping style is. EdVanzd is already a high-caliber hip-hop artist and his work is a testament to that. “Tha Bounce” has natural background sounds that back up the hot verses spit by the magnificent EdVanzd. Each line is carefully written with original rhymes and catchy chorus. 

Its music video is as much if not more majestic. Each shot is executed to convey a certain detail that when put together, tells the beautiful story of EdVanzd’s personality, ethos and overall vibe which is perfectly translated on screen. There are two versions out, one for the track and a longer version as a short film, which is directed by Julius Conway and produced by EdVanzd himself. 

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