Rising Artist Chandler Drops A Second Masterful Single “Nightlight”

Singer-songwriter Chandler just came out with a sophomore single called “Nightlight”, one that promises an unmistakably joyous ride for the listener. Filled with some exquisite music, “Nightlight” tells the story of someone who has their own set of challenges and shortcomings from “drugs on the nightstand” to “getting high to make the time pass”, someone who’s very much human. “You look fine, but inside you’re screaming,” the line hits harder than others because the struggles, pain, and loneliness are quite universal and felt by all of us. 

Chandler released his official debut single “Miss Me And You Hate It” in 2022, catching the eye of many genre enthusiasts, and now he is ready to share more of his authentic music with new audiences. Undefined and impossible to be boxed into any borders, Chandler’s music captivates instantly, enveloping the listener in an aura of mysteriousness that only gets more and more intriguing with time. As a young artist, Chandler utilizes the sincere, vulnerable approach to both songwriting and art in general, making every verse and line relatable and familiar. 

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