Rikki Valentina drops stunning visual for her latest single, “What Happens When You Die?”

Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist, singer, and songwriter Rikki Valentina delivers a stunning new music video for her new single, “What Happens When You Die?.” The song “What Happens When You Die?” is a hauntingly honest narrative of the discomfort of not being able to understand the aftermath of loss, willing for a sign, and staring up at the sky in moments of vulnerability. 

With pastel imagery of angel-like innocence, the video centers on Rikki reading the bible and moving through a cemetery with spiritual statues as she tries to find the answers to an impossible question. The coloration of the video with dull pastel tones amplifies the sentiment of the single – how incredibly hard the up-and-down grief journey can be that, at times, you feel like life is on pause and unclear. Rikki is accompanied by two friends who are her pillars of comfort and support while navigating through grief. They provide a distraction for Rikki through their time together, whether it be laughing or simply being around her. 

Stream “What Happens When You Die?” on Spotify. 

Connect with Rikki Valentina: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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