Ricky Martin’s Nephew Asks to Dismiss Court Case as Restraining Order Is Withdrawn

A restraining order against Ricky Martin that accused the singer of allegedly having a sexual relationship with and then harassing his own nephew has been withdrawn.

A hearing over the matter took place Thursday at a Puerto Rican court, with Martin appearing virtually to face the allegations made by his 21-year-old nephew earlier this month. However, the case was dismissed after the nephew opted to voluntarily withdraw the restraining order.

“Just as we had anticipated, the temporary protection order was not extended by the Court,” Martin’s lawyers in Puerto Rico said in a statement to Rolling Stone. 

“The accuser confirmed to the court that his decision to dismiss the matter was his alone, without any outside influence or pressure, and the accuser confirmed he was satisfied with his legal representation in the matter. The request came from the accuser asking to dismiss the case.”

Earlier this month, Martin was hit with a temporary restraining order after his nephew (who was initially unnamed due to the nature of the case) claimed that — following a seven-month sexual affair between the two — the singer started stalking him. Martin denied the accusations, with the singer’s own brother telling Spanish media outlet Marca that the nephew was “struggling with deep mental health challenges.” 

Martin’s Puerto Rican lawyers added, “This was never anything more than a troubled individual making false allegations with absolutely nothing to substantiate them. We are glad that our client saw justice done and can now move forward with his life and his career.”

“Ricky Martin has, of course, never been — and would never be — involved in any kind of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew,” Martin’s attorney Martin Singer said (via Variety). “The idea is not only untrue, it is disgusting. We all hope that this man gets the help he so urgently needs. But, most of all, we look forward to this awful case being dismissed as soon as a judge gets to look at the facts.”

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