Rick Ross Trolls DJ Envy, Says He Wants to Sign Tyrese

The beef between Ty and Envy began when The Breakfast Club host confronted the singer over alleged texts sent to his wife that were deemed “disrespectful.” Tyrese stirred the pot and shared receipts of the alleged texts. He also posted a series of videos calling out Envy for cheating on his wife and scamming people.

“I’ma let a lot of people down from the choice that I’m about to make. I’ve been asked to leave it alone,” Tyrese said. “Envy, you know how you said, ‘I don’t give a fuck about nothing … when it comes to my wife and my family, I don’t play no games.’

“You goofy-ass [inaudible]. No one has disrespected your wife and your family more than you. You know the most dangerous thing about me? I know what I know about the level you took it to. I’ll leave it at that.”

He continued, “Ponzi scheme, stealing all this money from all of these innocent people — that ain’t got shit to do with me. What you did behind her back with the one, with the two, with the 10 — that ain’t got nothing to do with me.”

Rozay’s beef with Envy started when he took a jab at the radio host during his Drink Champs interview and claimed he had the better car show.

Rozay threw his second annual car show at his sprawling Promise Land estate in Georgia in June, while Envy hosted two car shows in Memphis and Houston over the summer. Things heated up when Rick Ross mentioned DJ Envy’s family swimming in his pool.