Rick Ross Shouts Out Woman Behind ‘Maybach Music’ Tag: ‘Let Me Introduce You’

Rick Ross has reintroduced Jessica Gomes to fans, the woman behind the iconic “Maybach Music” tag heard on various Maybach Music Group records.

On Monday, the Biggest Boss took to his Instagram with a post saluting Gomes for the work she did creating one of the most famous hip-hop tags over the last several years. In his post, viewers can hear Gomes say the tag before her picture pops up in the clip.  

“Have you ever wondered who is THE VOICE behind the infamous Maybach Music tag,” Rick Ross wrote. “Let me introduce you to the talented Jessica Gomes. Everybody, go follow @iamjessicagomes , and when you see her somewhere on her boss travels, share an @officialbelaire toast with her , and say ‘Mmmmmmmaybach Music!’ #LLBB #MMG.”