Rich The Kid's "Plug Walk" Goes Platinum

First you get the hits, then you get the plaques. Such is life for the Tony Montana aspirant Rich The Kid, who continues to enjoy the spoils of his debut album The World Is Yours. Today, Rich has officially announced another milestone, as "Plug Walk" has reached platinum status. 

"This my second platinum song this year," writes Rich, Twitter, of course alluding to the Kendrick Lamar assisted "New Freezer." "No cap, I’m not slowing down." Clearly, he's a man willing to strike while the iron is hot. Who knows if his motivation to hustle will materialize with a tour announcement, new music, or a renewed focus on the artists signed to his label. Perhaps a combination of all three; after all, we've never known Rich to cut corners. Why start now? 

Congrats to Rich for achieving his goal, especially considering he did it with no features. It goes to show that "Plug Walk" is one of the year's breakout hits, having established itself as a fixture on hip-hop radio. One wonders if "Dead Friends" will follow suit; if so, would he ever let Lil Uzi Vert live it down? Doubtful. 

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