Rich The Kid Is Looking To Hire Two Professional Blunt Rollers For $5K Cash

When you smoke the amount of weed that Rich The Kid does everyday then you might understand that having to take the time out of your day just to roll backwoods gets old real quick, and we all know time is money these days. So looking to resolve this issue, Rich The Kid is trying to hire 2 professional blunt rollers, which will be paid $5K cash, to help him out.

“Im looking for 2 professions blunt rollers,” he said in a clip on IG Wednesday evening. “You gotta be able to roll blunts in two minutes, and have backwoods look like this” he added while showing a fat blunt he was smoking. “Im paying cash money. racks if you can roll these blunts.”

Who knows if he’s really serious because he looks awfully high in the clip and why doesn't he ask a homie of his rather than a random person, but he definitely got fans hyped and responding to it in the comment section.

This request comes just hours after finding out that Rich The Kid is readying a new “Plug” remix that’s dropping next week.

Check out the clip of RTK (below) and sound off in the comments.

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