REPORT: Woman Suffers Fractured Skull At Coachella’s Sahara Tent After Stage Malfunction

During the Gucci Gang (Lil Pump, Gucci Mane, and Smokepurpp) set at Coachella two nights ago, one of the orb set decorations lining the top of the Sahara Tent (seen in the photo above) somehow experienced a catastrophic failure and fell down into the crowd, landing on a group of people and striking one woman in the head.

A thread was created about the incident, drawing testimonials from over a dozen people who were either witness to the event, were near the victim, or actually helped to find medics and other staff. According to /u/nzsupreme on reddit, who was apparently also struck by the ball, it was the metal bracket holding the ball to the overall structure that ended up striking the woman.

Other witnesses in the thread report seeing the woman, only identified as Caroline by friends, unconscious and bleeding directly after the ball fell approximately 60 feet from the ceiling. Once EMT arrived, her eyes were open and she was still breathing. Another user, /u/Heywhatsup2866, claiming to be a friend of Caroline, said that she went into surgery for a “skull fracture and staples/stitches for the lacerations.” She is reportedly now conscious and surrounded by family — that comment was made approximately 15 hours ago.

@SHOWme_theGOODS on Twitter was actually filming at the moment the ball fell onto the crowd, and had the phone knocked out of his hands. Yelling from the surrounding people is indicative of the panic and urgency of the situation.

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