REPORT: We Figured Out The New, Not-Yet-Announced Location for Lighting In A Bottle

Yesterday, Lightning in a Bottle introduced that the competition can be moving dates and location in 2019. The competition will now be held on May eighth – 13th, however the location was not formally introduced within the assertion to followers. However, some enterprising and sleuthful attendees managed to discover a proposal for a brief occasion allow to Kern County naming the competition.

If the proposal stays everlasting — which we anticipate it to — LiB’s new residence in 2019 will probably be at Buena Vista Park, simply exterior of Bakersfield in central California. And, sure, it can have a lake.

The proposal submits for over 1,000 acres of land, with an on-site attendance of 20,000-25,000. It goes on to specify three primary levels and 4 supplementary levels, along with “leisure and vendor areas, safety and medical stations and a manufacturing middle.”

Set up for the competition is predicted to start April 17 if all goes easily. You can learn the entire proposal beneath, and atone for LiB’s announcement here.


Photo Jessica Bernstein Photography

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