REPORT: Snapchat's CEO Forced The App Update Against Everyone's Warning

Snapchat‘s much-hated redesign ignited such outrage that its users signed a to get rid of it. To this date, it has garnered 1,258,025 signatures — but it only took one man to put the app in this position in the first place.

According to newly surfaced , the redesign was released despite reservations from Snapchat engineers. Even pre-launch tests showed mediocre-at-best performance within the app. But, they still rolled with it.

So what gives? Apparently CEO Evan Spiegel made the decision to completely redo the app’s design and a short timeframe to do so. Inside sources say that Spiegel didn’t consult with execs about the goal of the new redesign or its functionality. By the way, that goal was to “make the app easier to use.”

Unfortunately, the update felt forced and out of touch. Ever since, the team of Snapchat designers have been working to make the app more user-friendly. Spiegel has been overseeing the process, approving changes to the redesign of the redesign.

In email to The Information Spiegel was in saying, “There is no doubt that collaboration yields better results :)”

The good news is there’s nowhere but up from here for Snapchat and its users.



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