REPORT: Snapchat Hits New Low Among Its Top Users, Millennials

Snapchat has hit an all-time low among millennials. Which, just so happens to be the same demographic the social platform has thrived off until this point.

It wasn’t too long ago that superstar millennial Kylie Jenner put the app on blast after its undesirable update shocked its users. She wasn’t the only one though, considering 1,257,884 (and counting) people have the to get the old Snap back. With her millions upon millions of followers, she did have an adverse affect on the  and overall reputation.

However, according to a new survey  , Snapchat’s new update did more damage to itself than Kylie Jenner could ever do — as “data suggests the app’s new layout has erased over two years’ worth of positive feelings among millennials.” Yikes.

Users 18 to 34 gave Snap an overall satisfaction score of 27 in January, and that dropped down to 12 by mid-April (with impression scores ranging on a scale from -100 to 100). The  survey also found that 26% of US citizens aged 18 to 34 use Snapchat on the daily, but among users 35 and up, that number dropped down to 3%.

Until now, the app has been adamant about sticking with the new update. But now, with reports swirling that ditch the much-hated redesign, maybe Snapchat can save itself.



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