REPORT: Madeon x Porter Robinson Returning for Collab On Madeon’s New Album

Madeon is about to bless us with a new era’s worth of music, as we reported earlier today. It all starts with a single coming out tomorrow.

With the news of the Good Faith has come the launch of a cryptic website and this mysterious social media account on Instagram, also with the same name, It seems to reveal tracks off an entire album, as the tags reveal apparent track titles and features.

“Echoes” featuring longtime collaborator Porter Robinson is one of them. “Ethereal” featuring pop sensation Lady Gaga is another, but her tags have been removed since the screenshot was taken below. One more collab is revealed as “Wild” featuring Norwegian indie electronic duo Lemaitre.

Whether this is an official account is yet to be revealed, but we can’t help but speculate what we’re seeing here. Either this is Madeon’s own side account, or a superfan who knows details about the project.

Stay tuned — Madeon is due to drop a new song in just hours.

Madeon’s Upcoming Collaborations


Photo Erik Voake for Coachella

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