REPORT: Arrest & Attendance Numbers Are In for EDC Day 2

EDC Las Vegas 2018 is pretty astounding any way you look at it. And, by the numbers, the last couple of days have gone on without very many arrests.

Out of the 138,593  attendees, only 33 arrests were made. According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, there were 29 felony narcotics arrests and two other misdemeanors issued on day 2. These numbers and the nature of the charges are almost identical to EDC .

Insomniac Productions has also 65 total ejections for various reasons throughout day 2, while the previous day saw 32 ejected patrons. Again, when you look at the massive crowd of people funneling into EDC each day, this number is by no means startling.

Approximately 1,000 more people attended day 2 from Saturday into Sunday morning compared to the opening day of EDC Las Vegas 2018.

The third and final night of the music festival starts at 7 pm.


Source: | Photo  Ivan Meneses for Insomniac

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