Reclaiming My Name And Humanizing The Caricature: YUNGBLUD

The acidic taste of YUNGBLUD’s dark humor can hit even the toughest of hearts: Dominic Richard Harrison exploits themes of humanity’s biggest fear – mortality through his latest self-titled album YUNGBLUD. Much of this collection brings out the core of vulnerability to the listener, with some stand-out tracks like “The Funeral”, “Tissues”, and “Memories” featuring WILLOW. But there is more to the album than what can be seen at first glance. Leveraging his gritty, powerful voice, the artist weaves epic alt-pop and punk melodies with an almost 80’s-feel type of positive vibe, as he speaks his mind boldly and openly, and it’s a sight to behold!

Harrison performed some of these during the NFL Halftime show in London on Sunday afternoon, cheering up the fans and the teams alike. “The Cotton Candy singer performed his hits ‘The Funeral’, ‘Tissues’, and ‘The Emperor’ for the 60,000-strong crowd at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at halftime, with fans applauding the energetic gig,” Music News reports

In truth, the album feels raw and real and yet it also seems to be a masterfully planned and crafted project every single second of which is there for a reason. The thirteen-tracker emphasizes Harrison’s very own ideology; “It’ll spell out my personal manifesto: Never compromise, imperfection is perfection, embrace the strange, never judge, pink socks, beer…,” the singer had said in an interview, prior to the release of YUNGBLUD

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