RBD Releases Refreshed Version of ‘Siempre He Estado Aquí’ With Dulce María’s Vocals

“Because a love so big never left.” On Thursday night, Mexican pop group RBD re-released “Siempre He Estado Aquí,” the one-off single they dropped in 2020, when four of the members reunited for the first time. The new track features vocals from Dulce María, who joined the group’s official reunion this year.

“I’ve always been here/I never forgot you/Because a love so big never left/I’ve always been here,” the group sings in the track’s chorus.

The lyrics to “Siempre He Estado Aquí” feature references to the some of the group’s biggest hits during their career, including “Sálvame,” “Quédate en Silencio,” and “Enséñame,” among others. “Sálvame con este corazón/Tan sólo enséñame un poco de tu amor,” the group sings, sharing a line each. “Y sólo quédate en silencio que aún hay tanto por contar/Y hay canciones que nos quedan por cantar.”

In English, they sing on the Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo-produced track, “Save me with this heart/Show me a bit of your love/And stay in silence because there’s a lot to share/And there are songs we still need to sing.”

The track’s re-release comes about a month after five of the original members — Dulce Maria, Anahi, Maite Perroni, Christian Chavez, and Christopher von Uckermann — announced a reunion tour 15 years after the group’s disbanding.

“The music of RBD was living in the hearts of our fans,” Dulce María told Rolling Stone last month. “But in 2020, when our music was put on streaming services, there was a boom. When RBD was what it was, there were no streaming services, just CDs. Now that younger people can listen, the nostalgia was reborn.”

RBD first teased that a reunion was on its way last month when the five returning members — minus Alfonso Herrera, who isn’t joining the group this time around — made their profile pictures blank. They each posted a video that spliced clips from Rebelde with an in-person reunion, captioning it “Soy Rebelde,” the band’s tagline.


“It’s been beautiful to know that people keep the group in their hearts,” Anahí told Rolling Stone. “To live this moment with my fellow members is pure magic.”

The group is set to kick off a U.S. tour in El Paso, Texas on Aug. 25, making their way across the country, and stopping in cities such as Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City. They’ll also have a stint in Latin America, performing three shows in Mexico, two in Brazil, and three in Colombia.