Ray J Reflects on His Affiliation With Piru Bloods, Discusses Family Ties With Snoop Dogg

Elsewhere in the interview, he also touched upon his rarely mentioned association with the Piru Bloods.

“Since I was, shit… I don’t even remember, four, five?” he said of his Piru Blood association. “Everybody adapts to the neighborhood that they from, so yeah. And now doing positive things with the gangs is crazy. Our new company, Gang Up, is a company that’ll actually open up more opportunities than ever for every gang all over. With some of the stuff we’re going to implement into this new campaign, I really can’t wait for everybody to see that.”

When asked about how he became associated with the Piru Bloods, he said that it all came down to the neighborhood he was from.

“My neighborhood was Pirus,” he said. “But yeah, that part of Ray J and that part of my world, again, is very small in a sense of… If you’re from out here, then you know what’s up. If you’re from anywhere else, you might be like, ‘What the fuck?’ It’s an LA thing. Shout out to the Piru, shout out to the Bloods, shout out to the Crips. Shout out to the north side, south side… Shout out to all the gangs.”

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