Rapper Stove God Cooks is laid-back but confident on “That’s The Game”

Syracuse-rapper Stove God Cooks drops groovy but powerful track “That’s The Game,” led by a distinct, laid-back delivery and lush sonics punctuated by hazy beats. Tapping into his trademark confidence, the hip-hop talent manages to soothe and intimidate at once as pulls us in with his lyrical prowess and smooth verses.

Produced alongside Samba Beatz, the track is infused with equal amounts of maturity and refreshing charm for an expansive earworm appeal. “That’s The Game,” is accompanied by cinematic visuals that elevate Stove God Cooks calm, composed demeanor as quick cuts of a mansion stocked with money and illicit substances give the whole experience a darker edge.

The track and video encapsulate the rapper’s own journey, taking us through his trials, tribulations and success as it draws to a hopeful note that makes us believe in our own dreams. Shrugging off the confines of hip-hop and going sonic experiment on this latest foray, Stove God Cooks stands at the beginning of new, more polished era of his well-established sound.

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