Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez unveils her emotive new single “40 Days,” along with “Better For You” [Video]

Stunning New York talent Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez shares her stirring new release “40 Days.” The track highlights sophisticated jazzy arrangements and haunting harmonies to craft something unique and powerful. Detailing the fight to let go and grappling with feelings of inferiority, she relays that personal message seamlessly. The video, shot at the Suminski Innski in Tivoli, New York, is so striking in its raw simplicity. Beautifully displaying the 19th century mansion’s antique furniture, the vintage vibe is the ideal pairing for the elegant offering. The mesmerizing interpretive dance seen throughout further captures that gentle grace.

The artist is recognized for her delicate jazz/R&B tunes. One of her singles, “Better For You,” was just remixed by DJ/producer Matt FX. Unlike “40 Days,” that mix possesses a funky dance feel, but it still contains the signature elements fans know and love. So whether you want to hear a tune that is relaxed or one more upbeat, she gives you a diverse mix making her a truly versatile talent. 

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