Quavo References Offset In Album Trailer Honoring Takeoff

Quavo has released a new trailer for his upcoming second studio album titled Rocket Power, and he seems to have made a reference to comments Offset made about not being related to his Migos groupmates.

In the trailer released on Friday, Quavo can be seen watching a rocket ship prepare to launch into space—a clear tribute to the late Takeoff, who was shot and killed in November 2022. As the ship lifts off, Quavo starts a rap that mentions a “cousin” that is “tellin’ the whole world that we ain’t blood” but states that everything is “all love.”

“Living like a rockstar, but we miss one/ My cousin jumped out the car I had to keep goin’/ Now he tellin’ the whole world that we ain’t blood/ N***a it’s all love, yeah it’s all love/ I guess we gotta be together in this small world/ N***a it’s all love, yeah it’s all love/ Rocket Power imma up this shit, let’s keep it goin’,” Quavo raps in the clip.

The trailer closes with a graphic that reveals Quavo’s album is set to arrive on August 4.