Pusha T Talks Moments of Perfection in His Catalog, Says “Runaway” Feature Is ‘Perfect Verse’

Few would disagree with calling Pusha T‘s appearance on Ye‘s nine-minute MBDTF classic “Runaway” a “perfect verse.” In fact, King Push himself considers the unforgettable moment one of several instances of perfection in his catalog.

In a new interview with Jordan Rose for Complex, out today, Push was asked to name what he considers his “perfect verses,” a distinction the It’s Almost Dry artist noted should take into account several key factors, lyrics and melody among them.

As should have been expected, two MBDTF verses made the cut, as did an undeniable Clipse classic. Meanwhile, “The Games We Play,” a song off the Ye-helmed DAYTONA, also gets a well-earned mention.

“I feel like my ‘Runaway’ feature was a perfect verse,” Push told Complex. “I think my ‘So Appalled’ feature was a perfect verse. More recently, to me, a perfect song is ‘The Games We Play.’ I’ve flirted with a perfect verse and perfect song a couple of times. I believe I’ve got a couple more. We got ‘Numbers On The Board.’ Listen, I’ve been around here for a long time. ‘Grindin,’ we’ve touched different eras and we made an impact each time.”