Premiere: Julie Marghilano & Jupiter Euphorbia

Las Vegas-born, Berlin-based producer/DJ and label boss Julie Marghilano has been carving her influence into the German capital’s hallowed scene for several years now.

The latest release on her own Sol Asylum imprint, ‘Mercury Jasmine’, is an audio-visual collaboration with illustrator Olka Osadzińska through which both artists sought inspiration in the other’s work. Opening track ‘Jupiter Euphorbia’ – premiering below – has a classic, minimal flair that reaches into the past and pulls it forward, blending classic tropes with contemporary ideas to create something engaging and timeless. A shrewd mix of MPC beats, synths and processed violins, it serves as a tantalising introduction to an EP full of subtle complexity and addictive groove.

An exercise in controlled exploration, ‘Jupiter Euphorbia’ never becomes too dense, instead remaining spacious and true to the hypnotic potential of its minimal beat. Though opening with a rattling, percussive vibe, the snares and hats soon enter the fray and push the track to a new space. Synthesisers drip and drop all over the track, constantly catching you off guard. Without the restraint practised here, this could almost be a peak-Warp Records track. Instead though, this track treads happily in its trance-inducing minimalism, and is just as effective for it.

Sol Asylum is a vinyl-only imprint and party with previous releases notched by the likes of Miss Jools, Dana Ruh, Anton Zap and Dilated Pupils and regular events hosted in Berlin’s Club der Visionaere/Hoppetosse.

Listen to ‘Jupiter Euphoria’ below and watch out for the ‘Mercury Jasmine’ EP when it drops this Friday on Julie’s Sol Asylum label.

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